This is the beginning

Ok, so i’m a little late in the blogging game seen as i’ve already been in Auckland a whole week. While you’re here i want to apologise for shitty spelling and bad punctuation, i’m dyslexic so that gives me every right to  use that as a excuse.

I got asked a lot why New Zealand, why move to the other side of the world to a place you’ve never been before? I always answered with a “well…why not?”

In December i quit my dream job as a firefighter, i was working in Afghanistan which is why it was  so easy for me to save for this trip only to find out you can never save too much for travelling. The other day i spent $70 on a sports bra because why the hell not? These boobalinkers need some decent support for when i run down the many hills of Auckland. The underlying reason for me to leave my job, house, kids, pets and other things tying me down was i was bored. Since none of these exist apart from my job i found it easy to up and leave. Apart from a few friends and some family members, i miss nothing about being back in England… maybe i miss monster munch but my body is better off without them.

I was really lucky not to have to sit on a couple of long arse flights to get here, i planned ahead and thought why not see America on the way to NZ. So thats what I done, i started off in New York and ended up in Hawaii after hitting Washington DC, Miami, New Orleans, Houston, Vegas, LA and San Francisco. I met some pretty cool people along the way, mostly Ozzies and a couple of amazing americans in LA. After my 4 days in Hawaii i was itching to get to NZ so i didn’t care that i was at the airport 5 hours before i could actually check in. Thats one thing you learn from being a traveller.. patients. As long as i have music i’m good to go! Anyways i survived the 5 hours then got told the flight had been overbooked and everyone who was not going to Fiji is flying out the next day straight to there chosen destination. I was kinda bummed out that i couldn’t cross Fiji off my destination list but the new flight was so much better and i could have a couple of hours sleep in the hotel they put us all up in. When you’ve been sharing rooms with random people you’re really grateful when you get some time alone in a room (especially when its free). I think everything happens for a reason, the reason i got kicked off the first flight was so i could have half the plane to myself on the new flight. It was amazing! Apart from turbulence! That can kiss my arse.

  This is Angie, a lady who insisted we have a selfie after i carried her bags to her room in our free hotel.

Ill update you in another post about my first week






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