the 3rd guy

There i was waiting at the airport once again but this time i was waiting for a reply for the Airbnb guy i was staying with for two weeks. I had to check out of the airports Ibis at 10am and normally people/hostel/hotels wont allow you to check in before 2pm. This gets increasingly annoying the more you travel because you just want to dump your bag and get lost in the new place you’ve just arrived in. I sat at the airport for two hours with no reply so i thought “fuck it, he cant exactly turn me away if i’m outside the house” so i jumped on a bus which kind of took me to where i needed to go. I wasn’t on it very long before the heavens opened up and i looked at what i was wearing which was jean shorts and a tshirt. I normally love the rain but i had just over 2 miles to walk in it with two bags (one containing my macbook, the other containing everything i own) it wouldn’t be a big deal if it got wet but it would be a massive inconvenience.

I got to the guys house looking like a drowned rat but i was glad i made it and i personally didn’t give a shit what i looked like. Things didn’t exactly go very well, i stood outside for about 45mins as know one heard me knocking and the dude wasn’t replying to my messages or emails.  I was only seen when a french guy come outside for a cigarette, he wasn’t the guy i was after but then another guy showed up, nope still not the guy i was looking for. Then he finally come to the door with a blanket around him looking very confused (3rd time lucky right?) Long story short the guy called Jamie who’s house it was wasn’t expecting me which kind of sucks since i booked it 5 months ago and had already paid! I instantly thought WHAT THE FUCK was i doing here!? The house  was a shit hole and bared no likeness to the pictures on the website and worse off it stunk of weed.

I was shown to my bedroom, made my own bed and left as quickly as i could to hunt down a supermarket. When i got back i learnt that there was going to be 6 of us in this shitty house, i made no effort to socialise that night and hid in my room. Atleast the internet was better than what i though and i managed to watch gogglebox and listen to some music to take my mind off the place i have to deal with for the next 2 weeks. Awesomeee!

It took me awhile to warm to everyone in the house but i got there. The people here are all very interesting and most importantly, new.



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