Here we are

My first full day in Auckland.

I’m staying in a place called Remuera, its roughly 3.5miles away from Auckland city centre and has big hills on every side of the street i’m on. It makes me think about being back in San Francisco , them hills are cray cray!

I was pretty impressed that i managed to be up/showered and dressed by 8.30am, this doesn’t sound like a big achievement but the guys i live with are either stomping around late at night or are getting ready to go to work extra early. I think i got woken up by something different on hourly intervals. But why should i mind? I have nothing to get up for apart from explore. I was so excited to have cheerios for breakfast seen as the whole time I’ve been travelling i’ve missed breakfast daily apart from that one time in Houston with my Ozzie friend. Side note: New Zealand cheerios are different to ones back home. It was nice to no that the guys had already opened my milk and drank some for me, i rolled my eyes and texted my friend back home, looks like i have to get used to this sodding house.

I finally managed to drag myself away from quietness of the house and started the small trek into the centre of Auckland. My choice of shoes were in deed flip flops, my feet tan lines are amazing, also I didn’t realise how humid this place was! If you looked up to the grey clouds you’d sigh and wait for the rain to fall but i was lucky that day and just had to deal with being a sweaty mess. Im not going to lie, Auckland isn’t the city i thought it was going to be. I think i built up such a big thing that it disappointed me. Don’t get me wrong it’s such a beautiful place with loads of parks everywhere and people who always have a smile for you but in my eyes its nothing spectacular. Im sure it would be awesome if you could afford all the tourist stuff like bungee jumping off the Auckland bridge and going up the sky tower, doing just them two things come up to nearly $2oo! I have to actually try be a adult for the next year so i can’t be wasting that kind of money especially as a roof over your head and food in your stomach is more important.

Adulting sucks




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