Did i just walk to China?

Even before i arrived in New Zealand i had been looking for cars, i scoped out possible cars every day while i was here and finally bit the bullet on day 3 and messaged a couple of people about the cars they was selling. I only heard back from one which was a Subaru Impreza so i thought it was fate and set up a viewing. I walked 4 miles to go check it out, it looked ok, drove ok and seemed to be quiet a good  car so i bought it. There was two reasons why i rushed into getting the car, reason 1 was because i needed one, reason 2 was i really couldn’t be bothered to walk the 4 miles home. And thats how mine and Stella’s relationship started, i gave my friend Viki the honour of naming her and together we’ve already been on a adventure.

I decided to fuck Auckland off for abit and head upto Cape Reinga (the most northwestern point of New Zealand). I defiantly didn’t expect the roads to be as bendy as they were! At one point i nearly gave myself car sickness due to my body been tossed side to side. It was worth it thou!

IMG_6263.jpgI couldn’t believe how peaceful it was there and i had no idea how spiritual it was. A trip here should be on every backpackers list, even if you rent a car for a day and brave the crappy roads. I was going to stay here to watch the sunset but i wanted to do some of the journey while there was some daylight left. The sun set behind me as i drove and i couldn’t help but pull over and watch the most amazing sunset I’ve seen.


Soon it was just me and the darkness. I wasn’t planning on driving the 5 and a half hours back to the weed house but i also hadn’t planned for anything else. I drove for about a hour and managed to find a free campsite in a place called Kaikatia. I have a app called Campermate which locates stuff like petrol stations, campsites and toilets. Its pretty handy! And that was the first time i slept in the car, apart from my legs cramping up every couple of hours it was actually an alright nights sleep. The next day i headed back and stopped off at Whangarei to check out a waterfall… it was ok, but this comes from someone that has seen Niagara falls.

Today is day 10 in the country.

I finally walked to Mt Eden! I had already done Mt Hobson, Mt Saint John, and One tree hill. And whats even better i had conquered them in my trusty £1 primark flip flops. As i walked right to the top i was swarmed by Chinese people… i’m still in New Zealand right? I got poked by a non English speaking Chinese couple who wanted their photo taken, i become their personal photographer and took a couple of standard pictures. The child in me wanted to flip the camera and take a selfie! The view was gorgeous, i sat for roughly 45minutes staring down on Auckland and started to warm to this place… literally. The weather was amazing, the sun actually decided to come for a visit.

Today’s achievement:

Sorted my CV out and applied for a job on the off chance…

Managed to get the job within 5 minutes and i start tomorrow. Down fall… i have no IRD number yet and will be taxed 49%.. BRILL!







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