I only wanted a power nap

I managed to rip myself out of bed to sit on the balcony with my macbook trying to figure out my next move, i was suppose to be WWOOFING for the next 5 weeks but i think this new job and working night shifts will mess that up. I emailed the couple who i’m meant to be helping in 3 days and tell them about the change of plan. They were really cool and said they’ll rent me a room for $120 a week which to me is a bargain and gets me away from this place. Im surprised i hadn’t fallen through the balcony, it was so rotten! I got up just incase the balcony did decide to cave in.

My only two missions today were to head to the bank to try and open up a account and to have a power nap so i could handle the 10 hour night shift ahead of me. BOTH failed!

You see, New Zealand make it hard to get a bank account. To get one you have to have a job, to get a good enough job you have to have a IRD number and a bank account…. to get a IRD number you have to have a bank account and a job. WHAT THE HELL NEW ZEALAND! ¬†Hopefully i can open one up tomorrow when the company give me a contract.

My power nap didn’t go so well either, i laid in bed for half an hour trying to drift off but Jamie had other ideas and cranked his music up and started sanding a wall in the bedroom next to me. Thanks for that you dick! I can’t wait to get away from him, he gives me the creeps. Also the dude masturbating in the bed over you doesn’t give it a homely feel.

Last night 3 of the guys decided to have a massive bong fest as it was 4:20. They then went on to convince me that weed is amazing and cures so much stuff. Why do most weed smokers try and justify how good the stuff is? I don’t sit there and try and list the benefits of multivitamins! Don’t try and preach to me about that shit, i’m not interested.

I have to leave for my first night at work in roughly a hour, i have literally no idea what to expect but ill keep you posted.




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