Kiwi fruits have damaged me

As i write this i’m sitting in the living room with two other people, all of us are on are laptops with earphones blocking out the world. I didn’t think this trip would be so antisocial. Granted, the french guy doesn’t speak a lot of english and i’m pretty certain he hates me because i’m British. The other dude from Peru just doesn’t talk a lot. I try my best every day to have a conversation with them but theres only so much you can say. Tonight has been the most chilled night I’ve had here, all the kiwis have gone out to celebrate Anzac day and left us three losers. But after the hellish night at work i’m more than happy to not do anything.

Word of advice for working at a Kiwi fruit factory. Don’t do it.

Ive had some pretty pants jobs in my life but that 10 hour shift was literally the worse I’ve done. For someone that struggles with chronic headaches and migraines i was not a big fan of the fluorescent lighting and loud machines.  The job itself was tedious and full on and i hated every minute of it. Worse of all i managed to strain my wrist from pushing 10kg boxes with one hand and packing kiwis with the other! Its safe to say i’m not going back.

In other news i’ve got a trial with a hostel next week. You work 16 hours a week which is paid then another 16 which your working for your accommodation.  I’ve also managed to land 4 days work tax free doing something with strawberries. I made sure its not packing them!

I finally managed to get a bank account today (it only took 12 days) i asked 3 times if i could get a card and each answer was yes. After i finished signing everything i was told to have a great day. I looked at the woman and asked one more time if i could get the card to have access to the $400 i just put into the account. I got one in the end and decided to try it out by buying a coffee down the street. It didn’t work. I paid with cash and sat down to drink my vanilla latte, two older guys were sat not too far away and asked if its nice outside. Thats what i love about the locals, there SO friendly. Even as i left the coffee shop i got a hi from a young guy and a smile from a older lady. I was waiting from someone to wink or high five me but they never come.

The Kiwis make me laugh with their accents too. Sometimes you wonder who there calling a dick when actually there speaking about a deck of cards. This reminds me of a video of my godson i saw yesterday. My best friend was trying to teach him how to say orange but it sounded like he was saying “arse” i miss that little dude. Days like these you want to be back home with people you love. I know a couple of my friends are having a tough time and its hard to be there for them when your literally the other side of the world. I’m not home sick but i could really do with a cuddle from my mum. I miss that woman too.


^^^^^^ Auckland and my trusty flip flops at Mt Eden. ^^^^^^








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