You’re wrong

Ive noticed that the Kiwi guys i live with are very opinionated. Whatever they say must be true! Side note: None of them have left the county and are trying to educate me on the world. If i don’t know a lot about something i tend to keep quiet. Being dyslexic and trying to express yourself is hard and frustrating, i can’t argue because i can never get my point across. These guys make me feel dumb when i know i’m not. Something as simple as Harry telling me how to drive pisses me off when i’ve been driving 10 years and he’s only been driving 2! Fyi, your in my car and i’m doing you a favour so shut up.

Todays been pretty shit, i’ve been here nearly two weeks and i’m having more down days then i do back home. Its actually rare for me to feel like crap but this house makes me feel it on the daily. I cant wait to leave tomorrow and stay in Pukekohe for a week, at least they have a dog.

On the plus side, i bought myself a icecream tonight. I really wanted ben and jerrys but its pretty new in NZ and not alot of places stock it. FML





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