My faith has been restored

You think you know what a new place will be like and how you will feel there, but at the end of the day it’s just you… in a different surrounding… trying to survive as best as you can. In Nepal I thought I would gain cultural perspective or at least enjoy looking at temples. What I actually enjoyed was my hotel room, and what stood out was the overwhelming heat and loneliness at being unable to communicate with anyone, due to the language barrier but also cultural differences. While I was open to the idea, deep down I just have absolutely no desire to return there.

I’m happy to say that with the move to NZ I’ve clarified to myself that I don’t rely on people for anything except filling a social void. My happiness comes completely from myself. Some relationships are special and last throughout everything, but ultimately if the situation calls for it, I’d have the ability to rip myself completely away from everything familiar and start again. Triumphing with that is a character-building achievement if I ever had one.

Today made me fall in love with New Zealand and its people. And its safe to say the environment you’re in does effect you. I moved house and already i’m so much happier and its not because they have two dogs! Tonight was spent watching weird Sci Fi programmes while drinking wine and eating stale chocolate cake and ice cream. I’m not a massive wine drinker….. thats a lie, i hate wine its disgusting but i felt rude for not having a glass with the people i’m staying with. Iv’e not even been here a day yet and feel like this week is going to be good. Also its Anzac day tomorrow! Let’s see what thats all about.



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