From one weed to another

No no i haven’t moved into another drug house, ive been Wwoofing and have been pulling weeds for two days. I ache. My wrist is still hurting badly from the kiwi factory but i’m glad that i get to keep the $120 i was meant to pay for rent. Ill take pulling weeds for 6 hours a day than spending more money.





My mum would be proud.

On another bright note my bank card finally got sorted after 4 days of not having access to my money. Even ordered a debit card. NZ have bank cards called EFTPOS… they suck! You can’t even buy stuff online which makes me feel like i cant be trusted to buy stuff. So if you ever open a account make sure you ask for a Visa card and palm off the EFTPOS.

I’m looking forward to the job trial next week, i’m actually looking forward to a routine for a little while. Its been nice getting out of the city, which is something i never thought id say because it not exactly a country kind of girl. The family have a calf that i’ve been feeding, they have horses, cats and one dog at the moment. The boxer dog has gone missing and i’m feeling terrible about it.

Come back Nellie 😦




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