I’m happy. Just genuinely happy discovering new things. Making the links in my brain that will allow me to become one with Auckland. Even though I had perfected ambivalence in the stagnant waters of England, I’ve noticed that I haven’t yet been still enough for my mind to try and create problems for itself.

I have discovered about myself:

  • Confirmed that no matter where I go I am perfectly happy in my own company. So long as I have access to the internet (everyone in the world).
  • I’m actually quite a good gardener and love being in the countryside.
  • Can live without energy drinks
  • Can’t live without chocolate

As I wander around mostly alone, I notice how many other people are also wandering around alone. We have things in common, us loners. We’re both alone. But i’m happy to sit in coffee shop by myself, don’t get me wrong id love to be enjoying this with my mates but they either have kids, a career and other commitments. My mind set changed not long ago, i’m happy not having anything apart from Stella and my mates back home. Without certain people texting me every day id be complete lost. You can never underestimate a text and i’m forever grateful for them taking the time out to talk to me.

Ive been WWoofing now for 3 days, the family have been a bit occupied from the death of a family member so i’ve not seen much of them. I did suggest on the first day that i find somewhere else to stay so they can have family time. They said it would be good for the dogs me being around so i stayed. I feel a little awkward. Ive been working my arse off for them, not because they want me to but because i want to. I don’t want people thinking bad of me so i’m trying to prove myself. I also love the way the Kiwis say my name “Bhex”. Its only a matter of time before my accent changes.

Ps: Nellie’s back! The little shit.





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