Modern day cinderella

Day 5 of Wwoofing. Id love someone to tell me how cleaning rat crap out of kitchen cupboards and hoovering people bedrooms fits under “World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms”

Here are the jobs I’ve done today:

  • Trimmed hedges and bushes
  • Raked leafs
  • Beat the shit out of a shed with a hammer
  • Cleaned rat crap from cupboards of two kitchens
  • Hoovered the whole house/Especially Anns bedroom
  • Mopped
  • Fed the calf
  • Washed dishes
  • Dried dishes
  • Pulled more weeds
  • Dug up more stuff

I live with a mother and daughter, the daughters 34 and unemployed. Does she clean up after herself or help in anyway? Does she fuck. She can’t even manage closing the kitchen cupboard after she’s finished with it. Im fed up of being someones bitch, i’m doing so much and in 5 days I’ve had 2 meals from them. No wonder yesterday Ann told me i can come back here anytime and use it as a “base”, which is nice of her but no thank you. They invited me to horse racing tonight, its 4:35 at the moment, they told me at 3:45 that i had 15 minutes to get showered and ready to leave by 4. I was ready but there not even dressed. Rant over.

So how are you today? Weathers pants isn’t it?

This little git trying to protect me from last nights antics. Ill fill you in when i have more time… its 5pm and still no closer to leaving haha onwards and upwards.




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