I loved today. I got through everything i had to do early and headed to a place called Clarks beach in Waiau Pa. It was so beautiful and peaceful! It was defiantly something i was in need of instead of the same four walls.

I finally made it out of the house last night to go horse racing. It was the most awkward night with my host family! There’s lots of family drama that i too am being part of without any choice. On the plus side i had a glass of wine, two ciders and chicken kebabs with satay chicken for free 😉 It pays to work hard sometimes! Ann was also boosting at how well i work and offered for me to stay for 10 weeks… Paid! As nice of a offer that is i don’t think i could do it. Ive changed my mind about the countryside, it was nice to be here for a week but i need to be closer to other houses if anything happens. Just like it did the other night.

Long story short, i was on my own and the dogs started barking with me being nosey i went out onto the balcony to see what was going on. I could hear quad bikes and men shouting then the occasional flicker of light. Someone was in the horse paddock. I instantly thought of the film “the strangers” and my imagination took over. I could hear footsteps coming closer and was crapping myself! I told myself to be brave and got Rascal (the boarder collie) on a lead and walked outside. The closest house was a 10 minute walk away if anything happened. By the time i got to the paddock the quad bikes had gone…. it was only in the morning we found out that they had stolen a cow…. i find the whole thing hilarious! They had 5 horses to choose from but they wanted the cow, amazing.





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