Sunday Funday

Ahh Sunday, the lords day, a day of rest.

Just kidding no rest for you Bex, get your arse up.

Today felt like i didn’t do much but i defiantly have, and according to my apple watch i’ve  walked 11 miles on this bloody farm. Today started off with me building part of a fence around an older fence.. seems simple doesn’t it? But what Ann failed to mention was part of the fence had a electric top wire. I found out the hard way and got zapped a couple of times! The sheep in the other paddock just stood there staring. Judgey bastards. All in all the fence took me about two hours and the only injuries was a couple of electric shocks and a cut on my arm where the saw slipped.

Another job was for me to set alight loads of wood and branches, sweeeet. I love to play with fire and i’m a firefighter after all.

The fire took ages to settle down but when it did i racked all the stuff that didn’t burn form the edges to the inside. I was watching Nellie sniffing around the plants near the fire when a massive rat ran into the fire away from her. Nellie being a knob ran straight after it. My reaction was to grab her but she had already yelped and managed to get herself out. I’ve never heard a dog cry so loud. Her front paw was burnt and she couldn’t walk on it so i picked her heavy arse up and carried her back to the house.

Boxers aren’t too smart.



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