Well that didn’t go to plan

All my plans have changed these past couple of days. Im currently sitting in a little bungalow in a place called Port Waikato, if it wasn’t for the shitty weather id say this place is stunning. At this moment in time i’m suppose to be planting strawberries, but instead i’m here.

I finished my last day off Wwoofing and was excited to start my two days for my trial at Haku Lodge in Auckland. Ann made me chicken, broccoli, cabbage and sweet mashed potato for my last dinner there. I’m not too keen on any of that apart from the chicken but ate all of it to not be rude. I need to stop being so polite and tell people that i don’t like certain foods. I went to bed that night with my stomach in agony, i hardly slept which was typical when i had to be up at 6am to beat the traffic to Auckland for my 9am start. I woke up at 5am in the end and was contemplating emailing the woman from the hostel to tell her i won’t be in. Instead i walked to the toilet to be sick which was a instant relief! I emailed Niki out of courtesy to say i’m not feeling amazing but will still be in. I needed this trial to go well and wasn’t about to give up on it just yet.

Traffic around Auckland is always bad and it took me a grand total of 2 and a half hours to do 30 miles. The hostel looked so nice and is ranked number one on trip advisor and i could see why. The trial started off really good but as soon as i started getting hot i started feeling sick again, Niki took pity on me and sent me home and was so nice about it.  Luckily she said i could come back when i felt better which was a relief.

The only down fall was i was suppose to be staying at the hostel while my trial was going on so i had to find somewhere else to stay. It wouldn’t be fair on people and myself if i booked a hostel and was being ill so i booked a little motel, it was just outside of the city and would take 20 minutes to get there. Off i went feeling a little better, until i hit every red light and could feel my mouth filling up with spit which only meant one thing, i was going to be sick in stella with no bag in sight. Sorry if my friends read this but i couldn’t hold it anymore, 1 mile away from the motel i was sick down the side of the passenger seat and the hand brake. Which if you think about it is the worst decision as its hard to clear up! I wanted nothing more but to be at home in my own bed, crapping and being sick in my own toilet but this motel will do. Another restless night was on the cards.

I wasn’t feeling any better when i woke up but had to check out by 10am, maybe a shower would sort me out… nope. I had no plans for today but to feel sorry for myself and try prepare me for my 4 days of strawberry planting. I sat at clarks beach for most of the day reading a book and generally chilling, i was sick a couple of times but nothing compared to the night before. I didn’t have the money to spend another night at a motel so drove close to where ill be working the next day and parked my car ready for another restless sleep. When i woke up i noticed i had parked right near a water fall.


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