Sickness, you’re boring me now

It was pretty cosy in the little bungalow i was staying in, and it was ridiculously peaceful. Made me think of a rehab facility (not like I’ve been to one) It was the perfect place to get over whatever illness i have, and its lasted more than what I’ve wanted it to but at least it kicked me into gear of getting travel insurance…. you know… just in case. The other night i had a slight feeling i could stomach something, the only things i had was pasta, peanut butter, bread, tuna and pineapple slices. I stuck with the pineapple just because it would smell a hell of a lot better than tuna coming back up. Thats if i could get into the sodding thing first.


The night ended up with me brushing my teeth to a bit of Celine Dion playing in the toilets and me watching youtube to make the most of my $10 slow internet.

I had a burning desire that night to just look at the friends I love back home… and smile. A knowing, loving smile. To get to the stage in friendship where you both actually “know” what the smile means takes a long time. My day was made with my best friend sending me a video of my godson opening his present from me for his birthday, he’s two and the only little dude that fills my heart up with so much love. Day’s like this its clear to see what you’re missing back home but you have to tell yourself that your bettering your life and changing day by day.


Port Waikato

I left my little rehab facility yesterday morning and started heading back up north. I haven’t got the money to keep spending out on place and i still didn’t want to risk staying in a hostel seen as theres no let up on the sickness. So it was a night alone in Stella. It was terrible but i’m glad i booked a Airbnb for the night after. And thats where i currently am, the place is a 15 minute walk to work in the morning with free parking which is unheard of it Auckland! The couple i’m staying with instantly made me feel at home and generally made me feel mentally better which is what i’ve needed the whole month i’ve been in NZ. Its the simple things of a natter over a cup of tea that instantly changes my mood.

Day 1 of work tomorrow… please don’t puke :-/



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