There is a God

Number of times being sick today: 0

Number of times wanting to crap my pants: 0

Today was the day i finally felt like a fully functioning human being, which is a good day to start seen as it was my first day of training. It went really well! I’m being trained by a young Yorkshire girl called Katie who is a little sweetheart. The jobs pretty standard and easy but working with her has been a laugh and i’m sad to see her leave after only knowing her for a short time. She nearly gave my a heart attack when she walked into a room and screamed “oh my god Bex come here” i entered thinking there was going to be a dead body on the bed but nope, theres Katie holding up a packet of left over Mars cookies! We both scoffed them while changing a bed, generally having a right old chit chat and not giving a second thought of what could have been done to these random cookies were so happily eating. A backpacker loves some free stuff!! 

This place already feels like home which is something i’ve been craving since i’ve had a couple of bad experiences with places and people. I’m looking forward to having a bit of a routine, don’t get me wrong its awesome travelling and doing what you want when you want. But it can also be so draining choosing what you want to do day by day.

Today is a good day and i’m very lucky to have finally landed on my feet.



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