Time does fly

Time really does fly when you’re having fun.

Why do people leave the place they call ‘home’? People who have done it have already earned a million respect points in my book. And massive respect to people who will sit and talk to me in fluent english just because my lazy arse doesn’t no any other languages.

Day 3 of being a little worker is done. I’m very happy with my Kiwi life which was a far cry from my feelings last week when i was ready to give up and go home.

Todays antics involved:

  • Shocking everyone with a crisp sandwich with Katie (Much Britishness going on)
  • Running down Queen street in the rain with Jake and Katie (No one fell, which was a miracle seen as Jakes shoes had zero grip)
  • Attempted to go on the jet boat
  • Lunch at some Irish bar

Due to the weird old weather of Auckland we managed to get on the boat, but we was soon heading back inland as the fog was so bad and no one fancied crashing into anything even if we did only pay $35.

We was all on such a adrenaline rush that we couldn’t just come back to the hostel and not do anything so we headed for a cheeky pub lunch looking like drowned rats. After paying for my club sandwich & Malibu and coke i was left with a whole $154 in my account. Me and Jake were officially the poorest people in the hostel and i didn’t even care. If theres a adventure to be had i’m going! Even if i have to live off pasta until i get paid.

I’m looking forward to pay day already!

The nights here are so chilled, it involves mainly the same people sitting around the kitchen table talking about everything and anything. Travellers and defiantly my kind of people. Last night i had to smile after someone cracked open the beer which lead to me and Ann (The german cookie monster) drinking cider out of cups. We both agreed old mout scrumpy and berries is disgusting. The rest of the bottle can stay in the fridge until i leave! After a quick trip to the shop with Ann to get chocolate and coke zero we was back to the endless conversations that were going on.

It’s just gone 11pm so a quick text to some people back home and thats my day over. Thursday i’m ready for you…. please be sunny.



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