Things have taken a turn.

At this moment in time i’m listening to 3 guys play some kind of melody in the kitchen on saucepans, a guitar and spoons! This is my life now.

Today I took Ann (my german friend) to her Wwoofing place in Torbay then figured i would drive to Devonport seen as it was kind of on the way back to the Hostel. Ann was nice enough to get me a chocolate muffin to say thanks. As soon as i dropped her off the muffin was stuffed in my face…. she was right when she said it tasted amazing.

I had heard mixed reviews about Devonport and i’m glad i went there to get my own opinion on the place. Luckily i choose a good day when the weather was amazing. If you’ve ever been to Melbourne Devonport will defiantly remind you of it. Its quiet hipster with lots of coffee shops and pubs. But unfortunately its nothing amazing. I was told to go to a British pub called “The patriot” which i found easy enough but invested in a subway instead of another expensive pub lunch. I did treat myself to a cheeky cider thou! Ironically i spilt it down my tshirt which says “Last clean tshirt” on the front. The lies. Before any of that i stumbled across a book shop and treated myself to two books, so even if i did look like a drunken mess at least i looked slightly intelligent reading in the sun.

Isaac’s Cider hasn’t got shit on rekorderlig.

When i got back to the Hostel literally no one was around apart from Bridie the weekend manager. Yesterday was the first time i met her and we had enough in common to sit and have a decent conversation. She’s the first vegan I’ve met and thank jesus she’s not preachy and doesn’t judge me for wanting chicken in my mouth 24/7.

So now its nearly 6pm and i’m waiting for my partner in crime to come back from work. Now that Katie and Ann have left the only other person on my wave length is Jake. Last night we both decided we wanted chocolate and instead of being normal human beings and going to buy it we headed to the hostel vending machine and attacked it until something come out. Nothing did, which was a wasted effort on both our parts. The vending machine got it’s own back when we rocked it too much and it come back and smacked me in the face.

Crime doesn’t pay kids.







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