You’re wearing my memories

It’s Monday again. And i don’t hate it. For the first time in a job i actually had the weekend off.. did i make the most of it? No. But i have every weekend off for the duration of my time working at Haka Lodge, this Saturday night will be spent drinking over priced cider and having a laugh with the people i work/live with. All of us basically live in each others pockets and were all still managing to get on. Its turning into one big dysfunctional family.

Yesterday i regret walking with Jake to get him some trousers. We somehow managed to stop for the most extreme icecream I’ve ever had. I practically dropped half of it on the floor so that was a waste of $16. I want ben and Jerrys!!!!

Last night ended with a couple of us heading out to the local park to just sit and take in the sights of Auckland. It was actually really beautiful! Talk turned to the prostitutes we walked past on the way to the park… i was either going blind or just in a world of my own because i didn’t witness any girls so i skipped that thrilling conversation.

People in Auckland wear perfume/Aftershave a lot, resulting in me often being reminded of people and experiences. Wearing a smell is selfish. Smells carry memories. You’re wearing my memories under that denim on denim outfit. Don’t worry, at least the plague wont get you.

I keep walking past the fire station around the corner from the hostel. Ive been meaning to go in there all week and ask about volunteering but the days keep escaping me. Firefighting will always be in my blood, i crave it without even knowing and i’m jealous of myself when i explain to people about my past experiences in Afghanistan. But at the moment i’m more than happy with my life.


I finally spoke to one of my friends on facetime last night. It was actually amazing to see a friendly face and hear a familiar voice. And even thou it hurt my heart a little to think about people back home i have to remember that i have new family and friends here.

Time to brave the thunderstorm outside to go grab a kitkat.




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