My life is like a game

At first it was the Sims. Mastered balancing social, work, travel, cash monies.

Moved on to Grand Theft Auto: Auckland. Always be prepared for Left 4 Dead.

Just like Grand Theft Auto Auckland, there will be days at the start where you do nothing but run around the neighbourhood. Doing small jobs for shit pay, or working out until your abs ripple in the breeze.

Auckland traffic never fails to amaze me. It doesn’t matter what time you travel its inevitable you’re going to be stuck in it. Today was like that! Me and Fiona went to the supermarket in Mt Wellington and got stuck in traffic both ways. Then we planned to go to Mt eden and watch the sunset with a couple of dudes from the hostel. It’s safe to say we didn’t make it and even ended up at a different place and played around taking pictures. The view into the city defiantly made up for it, thou it was getting a little stormy. Stella was so happy to have more than one person in the car that she didn’t want to let them out. Malcolm literally had to climb out of my door.

The Haka Lodge crew.

I’m so excited for tomorrow night! It’s a staff get together where everyone is planning to get mashed! My little Yorkishire Pudding (Katie) is back for a night before heading off again. Ive missed her and her amazing abilities to eat her weight in food. She’s a winner.



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