I have so many friends now

#HumbleBrag…or outright brag. Whatever. The point is, I have made many connections over the past few months. Small connections that begin and end in [insert city here], and friendships I’ve made that I know will last quite a while.

When you travel you have to be open to new experiences and new people. It’s an understood rule of the game. When you travel alone, you have to be extra open to everything. You have to let go of your insecurities and shyness to strike up a conversation with your bunk-mate or that weird kid in the hostel common area or that one bloke taking a beer into the bathroom with him (thirst could strike anywhere).

When you travel with other people you’ve already got your friends and companions, you don’t really need anyone else. You’re not as ready or willing to make these connections, big or small. That can be a huge detriment to your overall experience. Most of my experiences from the past few months (and other travels) involve awesome folks that I’ve met. Most of my memories are shaped by the people in them.

If I’d been traveling with someone else, let alone a group of people, I know I wouldn’t have spoken to or hung out with half the people I did. And honestly that makes me a little sad to think of that prospect. Not knowing these incredible people.

Being alone

Jake, Abe and myself hunting down the mouse in our room.

Traveling has caused me to “change”, but I don’t really consider it changing, I just consider it becoming more of “true self.” I wouldn’t have had this knowledge had I not traveled, and I really feel that I wouldn’t have fully embraced the “change” if I’d traveled with other people.

I can pretty much do anything

I’ve traveled alone. Navigated unknown terrain, by myself. Like a boss. I haven’t cried in the middle of the street yet.

I’m lucky to have the people i have in my life. I finally went out on my first proper night out with the people i work with. I turned out to be the best night I’ve had in awhile. Not so much for Katie…. She managed to lose her passport and had to cancel her flight to Fiji for the next day. The tit bag.

New car. One day.



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