The french have landed!

Now that I have a 8-2 job I have become a crazy social bitch. Barely had time to check my facebook on my phone. Mostly because it takes 7 hours to load anything.


My work is amazing.

Haven’t died in Stella yet. Have now become romantically attached to my car and the freedom/adrenaline/endorphins it provides driving in the wrong lanes and not knowing who has right of way.

Went to Mexico yesterday. Not the country. It’s a little restaurant that me, the german cookie monster and Malcolm decided to fill our faces with Tacos and quesadillas. The food was amazing and the company was even better, it was defiantly nice to get away from the French that had taken over the whole hostel. We all ended up on the pier and made the most of the sun. All 3 of us laid in silence with the warmth on our bodies… it was a kind of perfect moment and i found myself smiling at how 3 people can sit in comfortable silence and having our own thoughts. Who knew what they was thinking,but i know i was grateful for having them in this moment of my life.



Live long and propose (Inside joke, you had to be there)

I am grabbing life by the balls, there are so many more balls to grab here than England.



Went to the cinema

Hugged a lot of people

Walked a lot

Braved the most intimidating gym ever

Spent a small fortune

Had two kebabs and two Mcdonalds in a week

Having a vegan friend makes you feel like satan for eating meat

Built a mattress fort with Jake

Jumped into a massive pile of laundry with Katie





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