I want to sleep for awhile

All of the things!:

  • I still don’t know how to legally / safely turn right at traffic lights…
  • The words “Hi, I’m…” or “This is…” cause my brain to temporarily shut down in all situations.
  • I’m eating sweet chilli Doritos, and will probably eat the entire pack by the end of tonight because these actually ARE better than sex.

That’s a lie.

I’m tired. And generally shocked i haven’t got a coldsore yet. I get the little fuckers when i’m worn down so i think one is overdue.

Yesterday was random, Bridies girlfriend invited me over to theirs for some drinks. Them drinks ended up with me on the floor not able to move. Christie being the babe she is grabbed me by my jeans and pants and got me onto the sofa. I woke up with a blanket, a glass of water and all my shit beside me. Now thats friendship. On the plus side, i drove home at 2am and saw barely any traffic in Auckland! Thats a first.

Went to the gym today. I swear theres a separate gym around the back somewhere for people with bodies like mine and some how i just slipped through the special hotness screening. I don’t belong in the fancy gym.

Third wheeling it with these cuties

Mine and Katies dinner got weird. It got alot weirder after this picture!

But i appriciate her making me it. My little pud.



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