It’s getting cold

Well done Auckland for not raining for one day, thou you’re getting a little chilly now! I seem to only wear my shorts around the hostel while i work then pack them away and get out the jeans.

Rotating the same 4 pairs of jeans is hard work.

I just got back from spending some quality me time at Westhaven. Which is pretty much a massive pier that you can look at the harbour bridge on and look back at the bright city with the skytower dominating the sky. I noticed flashing lights at the top of the tower and laughed at the thought of some tourists not turning their camera flash off and getting a shit picture of the window reflection. I still cant get over this city and how you don’t have to travel far to feel away from the hustle and bustle.

Me, Katie, Jake and Abe went mini golfing yesterday. I lost out on first place by two points. Abe told us he had never played before which i soon released when he hit the ball full pelt on his first shot. Working for Haka lodge has its perks as we got the tickets for free. Win.

Last night Katie and Jake decided to keep me up until 4am while they fannyed around. They only shut up when they went out for a Mcdonalds. I also felt the age difference when they both laughed for a good 10minutes when Jake found out Katie can burp on command. Maybe i would have found this interesting if i found out her new talent at a normal time and not at 2am. Either way there like my little brother and sister and i love them deeply.

But anyways, me and Jake finished work and crawled back into bed and had a major power nap for over four hours. Thats what i love about Jake, my nap buddy.

Lets talk about living in a hostel.

Living with the same people, working, sleeping and eating with them.

I think you would go complete insane if you didn’t get out on your own for a bit. I know for sure i have to get away from everyone on the daily even if it is to the gym for a hour or zone out with my earphones in.

Living in a door room is like being on Big Brother, theres always going to be drama, gossip and upset but luckily this stuff gets ironed out quickly with the people i’m with. It’s easier to just go with the flow and remind yourself that everyone is random in there own little way.

Totally ate 4 bars of chocolate today.



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