Risk it for a biscuit

I’m out of the CBD!

And away from K road, the hostel and the same faces i see on the daily.

Currently in Paihai

And it’s beautiful.

Getting up here was pretty risky, i finished work and agreed id have a couple of drinks with Christie at her house in Mt wellington. She was trying to convince me to stay and have more but i needed to get going and head up north.

Back home i would have been over the legal drinking limit but who knows what it is here. Not only did i have three ciders but i was also knackered and had caught every accident and traffic jam known to man. I tried everything to stay awake.. but the fact is i should have just pulled over and had a nap. New Zealand roads are not to be messed with when your tired, they require way too much concentration!

Lesson learnt

I made it to the hostel. The perks of working for Haka lodge is being allowed to stay a couple of nights at the other lodges around the country. My manager was nice enough to sort out two nights for me for free. I was pretty bummed when the private room i had been staying in had a en suite that i didn’t know about (Pays to be nosey)  Either way it was nice to sleep in a room completely alone.

The day started with me sitting with a book looking out to sea and enjoying the sun. I soon got hungry and hunted something tasty down. I settled for sausage, egg and chips. Tomato ketchup exploded in my face but overall it was a nice experience. I hit up a dollar store and released NOTHING was a dollar! False advertisement much? I spent $16 on two things, one was a arm band for my phone when i run and the other was a shoulder support because my shoulders playing up. I was tempted to buy some cheap arse perfume but changed my mind when it smelt like a toilet.

I ended up in my car and on my way to a place called Waitangi where theres a waterfall and a trail. The trail takes about a hour and it ends with disappointment as it finishes in a random field by a golf course. As i started the other hour walk back i got chatting to an American called James who stunk of beer and BO but its not like i could walk off, we was heading the same way on a very narrow path for the next hour. He had been in the country a whole two days and was telling me where to go and what to see. I’m sorry captain america but you need to shut up! He suggested we go for dinner, me not being keen on the idea hid from him while he took a picture of the waterfall. I’m sorry James but our short romance is over.



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