I hate traffic lights

Yep, it’s time to moan about the Auckland traffic again. And the sodding traffic lights! Why do they take so long to change and why are there so many of them?! I’m totally over driving in this city.

Today was spent at work but finished with some yummy vegan nachos around Bridie and Christie’s house. They were so good but it was noted that i take ages to eat them. Corn chips hurt my teeth and i always feel like i should have dentures to deal with them. Me and Bridie grabbed a coffee in Newmarket and found a Vegan shop for her to be let loose in. I had some overly priced vegan banoffe cheesecake and a vanilla latte.

Far play to all the Vegans out there… not the preachy ones thou.

I headed to the British shop yesterday to get a couple of things for my boss to make her smile. And to spend $32 on chocolate/Crisps. I decided i didn’t want to head back home yet and found a cool little spot called Beach Haven. I was going to stay and watch the sun set but the clouds ruined that dream for me.

When your ugly but your shoes arnt.

I was told by an asian man in the hostel that I was beautiful, which ended up being quite ironic because his wife had to translate it for him. Is that irony? Who knows.



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