Making new memories

It’s been a expensive Friday night, me, Jake and Fiona headed to a place called Odyssey Sensory Maze. It was basically expensive walk in the dark while wearing weird white gloves. I ended up with carpet burn on my elbow from a wall… don’t ask but it involved Jake. After that we met up with some more people and had a game of bowling.

Below is a picture of me getting a strike because i’m a winner in life.

The past couple of days have been a little random and awkward. Not for me but everyone in the hostel. There’s been a lot of tension with the Wwoofers after a meeting we had. It’s all drama which i’m choosing to stay out of. Ain’t no body got time for that.

Tomorrow i have my two hour surf lesson! I’m actually so excited but i know the sea is going to be freezing. Nikki has already warmed me that there was a sighting of a shark at the beach i’m going to.  I already reassured her that i will still work even if i do have half my leg missing.

Apparently you don’t need sleep in New Zealand. It seems to be a luxury, and something i miss more than my mum. One day i will sleep for than 5 hours but that wont start anytime soon.

I’ll fill you in on my shark adventures another time



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