Not shark bait

Maybe I shouldn’t have left it over a week to write about my surf lesson. First thing first, i didn’t see or get eaten by a shark. On the other hand i faced planted the water quiet a lot but ill take that over being some sharkies snack!

New Zealand has lived up to the name of having the worst internet in the world. My net in Afghanistan was better than here, even if it did get taken out by a rocket on the weekly.

Met up with my friend Gemma in Takapuna last weekend and she took me to the beach which was suppose to be nice. She lied to me, and herself.

Stayed at hers and woke her up by laughing at her snoring #friendship

Quick update: Ive decided to do the whole vegetarian thing for a month, not because i have morals or anything but because i don’t want to take out a small loan to pay for meat. Ive had two veggie subways… can you believe theres actually a option to just have salad in a sandwich? I didn’t no this when i ordered the “veggie delite”

Another update: Been promoted, earn more, could get sponsored. Win.

There’s a million people in the hostel that have colds, so of cause i catch it. Doesn’t help that i’m sitting on my bed with wet hair and a damp towel to stop Abe looking at my fetching pants.

Also went and sat in Cornwall park yesterday and had coffee with Gemma. Me being the classy bird i am went off and climbed the tree in the picture while she sat looking at me properly pretending she wasn’t with me.

In love with a song from Jack Garratt!




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