Sulphur City

Rotorua welcomes you with the smell of arse

Today started with me snoozing my alarm and refusing to get up and drive the 3 hours to Rotorua, but i had to stop being such a lazy turd if i was to make my white water rafting booking. Only the hardcore people book to do rafting in the winter and the rain helped me get more stupidity points.

Luckily i wasn’t the only stupid one and soon there was 4 rafts full of people. Of course i’m the only person to befriend the 7 man stag group. Chris the stag took no time in asking for my number and invited me to join them for tonights events. I couldn’t take him seriously as he was dressed in a skimpy woman’s top and tights… the joys of getting married.

This is the 7ft waterfall. The highest commercially rafted waterfall in the WORLD.

My raft was the only one that flipped. Thats me on the right swiftly floating away into rocks. #funtimes

We flipped one more time after this waterfall, but this time my leg got stuck in the raft and a guy come flying through the air and crashed into me. If that wasn’t bad enough me and the dude got hit by the other raft coming down the rapid. Im not scared of much but the feeling of being dragged underwater not able to breathe is horrible! Bring on black water rafting with Bridie!




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