I havn’t forgotten you

I feel more like a resident now than a backpacker. I wouldn’t class myself as a traveller at this moment in time. I travel from the North Shore into the city and back… I spend most my hours on the One motorway, usually in traffic from 3 million accidents. Dealing with the traffic doesn’t get easier.

Sooo since i last blogged I’ve moved house, changed jobs, and generally spunking my money on chocolate and sweets. Oh and i can’t forget the sweet chilli Doritos.

Im living on the shore in a place called Oteha… the rent is ridiculous compared to prices back home but this is my home now and the house is warm and cosy….. From my flatmates not from central heating cos good lord New Zealand has never heard of that.

I also thought the Kiwi’s were wimps when it came to their electric blankets and the millions of duvets on their beds but i totally get why now. And this is a mild winter, sod going to the south island anytime soon.

Fun fact: It rained constant for two days.

I realised today after four months that i’ve been driving around and leaving stella with her boot unlocked. Theres me worrying that she might be stolen when all this time i might as well put a massive sign up for a free car. Me and stella are still going strong but she keeps on letting ants in while i’m away… I have no idea where these ants are coming from.

I cross this bridge way too much


A beach i cant remember the name off

Artsy fartys bobble hat lady

I 100% don’t miss home nor will i be going back before Christmas, luckily the job i have now finished on 23rd Decemeber which gives me time to save and sort my plans out. A friend from back home send me a bunch of Kitkats, fruit pastilles and a wagon wheel to me which generally made my week. I’m not very good at keeping in contact with mates back home… or even people here. Ive come to detest being on my phone which is hard when your trying to keep up with friendships. People back home… I love you dearly and i’m sorry for lack of communication.




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