Coraman… wait how do you say it?

Coromandel… Yesterday i went to the Coromandel. After a couple of days having the piss taken out of me for the way i say it i finally went there and met up with my mates Max and Robbie.

The drive from Auckland wasn’t too bad but oh my lord, once again New Zealand’s windy roads attack again . Just like the roads i faced going to Cape Reinga but this time i just ate a full bar of cadburys chocolate (mint oreo) and it was about to come up. Luckily i kept the chocolatey goodness down.

The beach in the background was the beach featured in the Chronicles of Narnia… instead of me having the memory of a beautiful beach i have the vision burned in my brain of my two gay friends arses posing for a Instagram photo…. which i of cause took cos i’m a team player.

You could totally drive and stop every 5 minutes at different beautiful spots or see some amazing views along the way, being here reminded me of the great ocean road in Australia… just less Ozzies and more asians getting in the way of your photos. I can’t wait to go back in the summer.

I’m making the housemates a full english breakfast tomorrow. I need to show them that french toast, bacon and banana hasn’t got shit on our heart attack breakfast.



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