28 in 2017

It’s 25c in Auckland at the moment, it’s also humid as fuck!

I heard on the radio today that today (28 February) is the last day of summer. Did i miss something? Auckland’s been sunny for about 5 minutes… even England can do better than that, although poor old Blighty is getting battered by Storm Doris. Could they seriously not have thought of a more ferocious name, Doris just reminds me of an old girl playing bingo on a Wednesday night


For the last week I ditched Auckland and flew on down to the South Island. It only took me nearly 11 months to get on a plane and i still landed in the same country.

FYI, you have to sell a kidney to afford a plane ticket from both islands. Petrol and hiring a car will only cost you a arm and leg.

First stop, Christchurch

The day we flew into Christchurch we could see the smoke that was caused by the huge wildfires that had taken over part of Christchurch, now, the firefighter in me wanted to joyride the nearest fire engine and help out. But in reality i could only ask Christchurch council if they needed a hand…. i received their reply while i was in Queenstown. Typical.

New mode of transport, curtesy of Christchurch museum

Ah Christchurch… it’s the one place in the world I’ve been where my heart felt broken. I had no idea how much damage the earthquake in 2011 had caused, even being there seemed like it just happened. There’s a weird eerie feeling in the city, i put it down to the large amounts of empty/crumbled buildings that filled the streets. But all in all its a awesome little city with loads of character, and to top it all of the people are lovely even after everything thats happened around them.

When you’re too ugly, get someone to take pictures of your back


If you didn’t know, the south island is full of lakes. And really beautiful ones!

Come meet me in the sky, ill be waiting for you

Visited a random bridge at 8am

The Pancake rocks in Punakaiki made me want pancakes. But me and Gemma settled for $14 smoothies. Originally i wanted mango but Gemma some how managed to order me a coconut and banana…. thanks for your bad hearing little Kiwi, good choice.

Mango Cider in Nelson (my fav place)

So, to get to the centre of New Zealand you have to walk a good 20 mins up hill. I would of enjoyed this more if i wouldn’t have pissed Gemma off by making her walk in god knows what degree heat after she just paid to have a shower. Her looking clean and happy literally lasted 10 minutes. In my defence, i had no idea it was that far up hill.

Spider man pose apperently

White Bay Campsite – above Blenheim.

Lake Pearson – Free Campsite – Arthurs Pass

This was on the morning of my birthday, i was greeted by ducks waddling past the tent. The only thing with free campsites are they get pretty busy, and noisy. There were a group of German girls that were being annoying with there loud german accents, me and Gemma didn’t understand why they hadn’t gone into their campavan when we felt it start raining. We soon figured out it wasn’t rain drops hitting our tent, but every single bug in the world was bouncing off the 4 walls outside.

If this was real….. i would eat it.

To sum the trip up, you shouldn’t judge New Zealand just from Auckland. Even after all this time i still have a love/ hate relationship with Auckland and i’m glad to have finally seen what life is like in the South.

Nelson….. i’m coming to live in you!!!






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