Apart from my previous blog i haven’t actually been a daily/weekly/monthly blogger, so ill give you a little recap of the last couple of months

I ran a lot! Within a few months i had completed a half & full marathon, a 12k and a 10k…. in that order. I literally ran the Auckland Marathon with the half marathon as the training, this you guys is STUPID. I also managed to fuck my foot up bad enough for it to be having physio 4 months down the line.

I watched my manager/good friend from Haka Lodge (hostel) get married. This was the first time i had been to a same sex marriage and the first time i got drunk off beer.

I’m employed by Auckland council *yawn*

Stella (the car) is still alive and kicking, although i am driving her around with no Warrant of Fitness, Kiwis are pretty chill and give you 28 days to get what every is broken, fixed. Back in England your lucky to get your car back home from the garage without being arrested.

I’m so broke i ate tinned peaches as a snack last night.

It’s raining

At the moment the council are having problems with my contract getting extended which meant i had yesterday (Monday) and today off. This was the perfect opportunity for me to get some steps in for the “Auckland walk challenge” i had signed up to.

I chose the Coastal track of Long bay Regional park. I had no idea how far this track was but figured it’s a easy way for me to increase my position on the challenge. That morning i was sat at 31st place out of 1347 yusssss. I don’t want to look today as its 2pm and i’m still in my pjs.

Okura River

I would have taken a picture of this little bay but the sign failed to mention it was a nudest beach!! It took me sitting on the sand and looking around to enjoy the scenery to notice naked men walking around and sunbathing. I changed my mind of reading my book there and walked off leaving them and their dingalings blowing in the wind.

All in all the walk took around 3 hours. I only saw a few people along the way, i think thats because the trail just stops if the tide is in, which it was the time i got there.

I come home and had a shower as it was hot as balls! My lack of sun protection meant i looked like a had a tank top on when i didn’t. WEAR SUNCREAM!! 




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