One Whole Year

Well one year and 8 days.. I’ve just been too lazy to update my blog.

Can you believe I’ve been away from home for a whole year?

This time a year (and 8 days ago) I was on a plane to New York. I geekly played “Welcome to New York” by Taylor Swift as we were descending for our landing into the big apple. This feels like a life time ago.

Before I came to New Zealand I had a month to travel America, my month was spent on Greyhound buses, in cheap hostels and getting annoyed by Asian tourist who I think go out of there way to stand 1cm away from you at all time. PERSONAL SPACE PLEASE!

Ah Greyhound buses, the most I spent on one bus was 26 hours from Washington DC to Miami. By the time I got to Miami I had no clue what day it was or even if I was in the same country. I wish I could say Miami was worth them hours couped up with a bunch of weirdos it but in my opinion it wasn’t.

I generally miss being in one place for a short amount of time, I miss packing my bag up after I’ve emptied it out on the floor to find a clean pair of pants. I miss being a traveller.

New Zealand is like my home now, I’ve been in the same house 7 months with my clean smelling clothes on hangers and my food in the fridge unlabelled. My food always used to get robbed in hostels! And I’m not sure if its a good thing that I’m so comfortable.

In other news, I haven’t had chocolate in 4 days. I 100% want to stick my face into a chocolate mud cake but some people have to change!

It’s not just me that’s changed… annoying friendships have changed and that’s pretty heart-breaking.









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