Green Day

Today Friday 17th March is St Patricks day!

I work with a Irish lady who couldn’t give two shits about being in New Zealand on the Irish special day. She’s more annoyed that she’s not home to enjoy the bank holiday Ireland give everyone to drink more than humanly possible.

Although I did cheer her up by getting some Irish cupcakes from a place called Bondie

Just looking at the prices in this picture makes me realise how I managed to spend over $26 on 6 cupcakes.


Apart from the price, these cupcakes were the best I’ve ever had, its such a cute and cool place in Takapuna but be prepared to spend your savings on them.

I’m not home and eating a bag of stale monster munch as i cant bring myself to waste $3 . I go this cool little thing in the post today….. Awwwww New Zealanddddd

In about a hour i’m going to heading off to Rotorua with Gemma to see my Whyte family. Im preparing myself to be sitting in the car for 5 hours instead of the usual 3 and a half. I read today  that Auckland is worse than Hong Kong for traffic… says it all really.

Wow these crisps are making my jaw sore!

Happy St Patricks day to you if your Irish, and everyone else who decides to be Irish for a day.



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