In recent news, I’ve gone down a belt hole. Win

This weekend was spent in Rotorua, and out of all the time I’ve been here this is the first it hasn’t rained! I think this weekend has been my favourite couple of days down here.

It consisted of eating too much, cat cuddles, getting lost in a maze and evening walks on a golf course with all the pets.

After the stress of Saturday mornings visa drama, we all went to a place called Amazeme and split into two groups to see who could get into the middle of the maze first. Me, Gemma and Haden lost.

I think in this picture Haden took losing a bit to hard.

It was such a nice day we all went walking in a place called Hamurana. We kept finding cool stones with patterns on them and learned that you’re suppose to take a photo of the stone and then re hide it. I was tempted to hide on in the stream but i’m not that much of a arsehole. We walked until we saw a spring which is for the whole of the district and Hayden through a couple of coins in and made a wish.

With all the walking we figured it was only right we treated ourselves to a massive slice of cake Gemma’s mum made us for our birthday. It was amazing especially after the beaut of a roast dinner she made us too. Very Spoilt. I bet the weight I’ve lost by not eating chocolate bars for a week is just going to pile back on!

I’m not looking forward to heading back to Auckland….



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