You win some, you lose some

What no one tells you about travelling is how to maintain friendships back home. And even thou you’re a wiz at putting a year’s worth of clothes into a backpack, tip toeing around a pitch black hostel room and set yourself up a new life on the other side of the world, you still find it hard to maintain friendships.

I just want to say I have found maintaining my recent friendships easy. The big plus is most of my friends now are in the same time zone or a couple of hours behind. This is easy for us to talk without worrying about waking someone up at 2am when you just want to send them a bad snap chat filter of you looking like a old man.

I don’t generally miss people, but when I stop and think about my friends back home I miss them like crazy, especially my little godson Taylor. I was a awesome godmother…. until I left England and got on a plane to New Zealand.

I’m so thankful for the friends I have who till this day message me on whatsapp or send me a stupid picture, and who will even just send me a random text asking how my current adventure is going. Traveling has also helped me gain a lot of new friends who like to do the same things as me, which makes me really appreciate the things you learn when you open your mind.

As human beings, whenever we suffer a loss, of almost any kind, there’s a range of emotions we often experience:  rage, relief, sadness,understanding. We hurt. We feel guilt. We feel crap. Recently, I’ve been asking myself “Is a friendship with you worth keeping if you can so easily leave what we built behind?” Maybe. But at times we need to adapt to survive. This is one of the many ways travel has rewarded me, with wisdom. I’m now wise enough to realize the old adage is true, “less is more.”

I won’t waste time and energy harbouring bad vibes on past friendships. Instead, I’ll use that same energy constructively, to strengthen the friendships that I’ve maintained. The ones that didn’t call it quits on me. The ones that missed me the way I did them. The ones that will make me feel like I never left as soon as we’re in the same room once again.

One day we’ll be back in the same country… until then I’ll miss you


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