My Motherland

Yesterday there was a terror attack in my home country, where 4 people lost there lives, which made me miss home more than ever. Knowing that this has happen and being so far away was awful.

Yesterday i had a lump in my throat

The below picture was taken 6 years ago, and the bridge behind us was were the attack took place. I think the sky in this picture sums up how every Brit felt/still feeling.


You see, i love being British. Im a proud pom and theres good reason to be.

We have Sir David Attenborough, James Bond and Queeny

We have baked beans on toast and bacon sarnies

We have sarcasm, a stiff upper lip and the ability to apologise for everything

Above all else we have tea

We also moan a lot but that’s not the point of this blog

It’s a crappy feeling being half a world away from everything and everyone you know. You would think i would want to stay in New Zealand where its safe but in reality i wanted to be at home, united with everyone

Where ever you are in the world, stay safe, stay strong.


Also wordpress randomly deleted this post so sorry if you’ve read this again!



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