Happy Monday!

I’m drinking a sachet coffee and pretending to work. I always feel so bad that my department is quiet at the moment while everyone else is rushed off their feet. So writing this blog is a perfect cover to be “busy”*Keyboard tap, click click*

This weekend didn’t get off to a good start, I come home Friday to find my first ever speeding fine. I was coming 62 km h in a 50… opps. The annoying thing is Curt told me about it as we went past the first time, but after I dropped him off I totally forgot about it. I  think he’s waiting for a ticket too as he said he normally does 70 down there….. tut.

Luckily you don’t get points on your license if you’re caught speeding by a camera, its a different story if you get pulled over by the police. God bless you New Zealand.

Saturday was a good day! And by good I mean fucking amazing! Saturday was the day when we finally got to see Adele sing live in Mt Smart Stadium, and it was even better we where so close. It literally took me two of her songs to start crying, while she sang “hometown glory” (which is about London) I watched pictures of London being displayed on the screen. This made me feel home sick for a whole 3 minutes.

Words can not describe what a legend this girl is. From picking her nose to shooting t-shirts from a canon while she holds her microphone in her boobs. It was a privilege to watch her sing, so thank you Auckland for this opportunity.

Sunday on the other hand was soooo lazy! Which is what I wanted and needed as I’ve just started getting back into the gym but waking up at 5am…. who am I? G0odbye flabby arse and bingo wings!! I made me and Gemma Maple syrup protein pancakes Sunday morning and in my opinion they tasted like cardboard!! Maple syrup cardboard.

I best start making stuff up to do at work, they have just given me a fixed term contract for a year after all.




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