What the hell..

Camel toes

I see I caught your attention.

There’s nothing I want to see less of than a camel toe on a Monday morning.

Thank you to Vikki at work who told me she’s having a grand daughter while thrusting her camel toe in my face as I sat at my desk. What did her lady garden do to deserve that treatment!


New Zealand clocks went back on Saturday and has proceeded to confuse everyone’s body clocks, resulting in me working with a bunch of zombies.

I’m bored stiff at work, which is making me watch weird things on youtube. Today I watched a guy lose 10% of his body weight to compete in a MMA fight and after writing this I’m going to watch ” Real Life heroes – Try Watch Without Crying !!! “

Last night I cried while talking about my beloved rabbit Flopsy. Who knew I had such deep emotions for that lazy arse rabbit who was only in my life a year. RIP Flopsy.

I’m broke

Visa runs out in a week – Parents come out in 4 weeks

Ate my weight in bacon this weekend – Feel guilty

Have a great week!!




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