The wait is over

Ahhhhh!! Finally my parents are here! After 14 months of not seeing my mum, and god knows how long not seeing my step dad they’re finally here…. in New Zealand… with me. Amazing.

I originally planned to not see them at the airport due to me having work and them having a hire car but that changed. Once again my contract extension hasn’t come through which means no work. But meant i could surprise my parents when they arrived.

I was only at the airport 15 minutes before they come through the arrival gate, unknowingly i was there watching them like a stalker. I’m not going to lie, seeing my mums face light up when she spotted me in the crowd was the best feeling ever. After some well earned hugs i guided them to the gate they could pick up the shuttle to their rental car. I took them the compete wrong way.

After what felt like a eternity waiting for jucy to give them a car we headed off to where they was staying in Okura.

Side note: Auckland Jucy rentals suck! I was really disappointed that people just come off a long arse flight and had to wait so long for a car. Not a good first impression Auckland.

On a brighter note, my step dad booked a really nice B&B for them with a beautiful view and bouncy grass. That night i took them to Paper moon in Mairangi bay and felt like a child when they ordered a cider for me. Immigration still has my passport and apparently i look 17 so i find it hard to get served.

That was the night they tried aioli….. there was mixed reviews.

Yesterday we all went to Kitekite falls which is about a hours drive west of Auckland.

As i was saying to my parents on the trek up, no waterfall in the world can compare to Niagara falls. Although the waterfall was pretty, i enjoyed being with my family more.

That was before Pete lost his sunglasses. Long story short, the sunglasses and Pete we’re reunited and i had gained some shaky tired legs and sweaty underboobs.

Piha beach

We head off to the South Island on Saturday eeeeeeek!!



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