Real life mean girls

Let me tell you about how my amazing little flat family house become a fucking nightmare.

When i first moved into my first proper house in New Zealand i was coming from living in a hostel with 4 other people in the room. The house was perfect. There was no fighting over the kitchen, no mess or very little of it, and 6 people that generally liked each other.

Fast forward 9 months and it’s a completely different story. 3 of the original housemates have been replaced with two of the most bitchiest girls i have ever met. To the point i want to stab them in the eye with a fork, that no doubt one of them haven’t washed up. It truly is amazing how a 23 year old and 24 year old can be so childish and bitchy.

Luckily they’re moving out… but not before making everyone miserable in the process. Who would have thought at 28 id have people making me feel so shit in my own home.

Thanks a lot girls you pieces of shit



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