Fog off

I’m currently sitting in Starbucks drinking an over sized and over priced coffee. Who in the hell needs a “Venti”? Me. Although i may regret it when my butt explodes from a caffeine overload. Moving on.

The two weeks with my parents ended last week… does that make sense? They’ve been and gone, and i miss them more from a week without them than when i didn’t see them for over a year. No Rebecca, you can’t cry and water down your expensive coffee, the lady opposite you reading something on her phone and not paying any attention to the book in front of her will judge you.

This is what we got up to…

Arrived a million hours early to Auckland Airport because the parents didn’t trust you at how long it would take to drive

Judged Pete for bringing 7kg in his carry on bag

Shock my head at my mum getting annoyed at Pete for bringing 7kg in his carry on

Ate a Mcdonalds breakfast

Had a nice non scary flight to Christchurch

Waiting 2 hours for our motorhome

Was given 3 free L&P’s (even though everyone else got wine)

Headed to Lake Tekapo

Side note: Lake Tekapo is known for its clear sky’s and stars and is called “window to the universe”

We couldn’t find the spot we wanted to stay at so pulled over on the side of the road and that was us for the night. There was no stars which i felt bad about as i had made such a big deal about seeing them. Below is what we woke up to..

That’s our little beaut at the front, Mavis. We miss you gurl

The lake is behind us which we saw for literally 5 minutes. The only thing we saw a lot of was the amount of motorhomes that had snuck up on us during the night. I felt like a ring leader.

The last time i come here i had seen clear blue water and sunshine.

Church of the good Shepherd being invaded by zombies.

They were actually a film crew doing something with the church.

Lake Tekapo was a big fail

Next Stop Dunedin 



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