Bye Felecia

I’ve only gone and done it, i’ve finally moved away from Auckland *applause*

I’m now based in Pukehina which is a little township in the Bay of Plenty. Gemma’s nan has been a absolute lifesaver and letting me stay here rent free until i settle into my new job in Tauranga.

Anyways, back to travelling around the south island.

From the friggin awful sights of Lake Tekapo we headed south to Dunedin. We stopped off at a place called Oamaru which was a really weird walking around. The town was made up of historic Victorian buildings, strange shops, and a apparent blue penguin colony. We didn’t see a single penguin, but settled for a couple of stinky sea lions.

We then piled back into Mavis and headed further south to the Moeraki Boulders

The page below explains them better than i could. To me they just seem like massive dinosaur eggs


Bex the ballerina

On this day we decided to stay just outside Dunedin at a place called Aramoana. The sunset was amazing and we were the only ones that were freedom camping here.

I found out yesterday that Aramoana has a dark history. In 1990 a man went on a shooting spree and killed 13 people, including a police man.

Looking at the view you wouldn’t know that the deadliest criminal shooting in New Zealand history took place there.

Once again we woke up to fog… story of out lives



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