Compass please

Have you ever felt so lost but know exactly where you are?

I’m writing this in my car while waiting for the traffic to die down before i make my 40 minute drive back to Pukehina. Normally i take myself off to The Warehouse and look at random crap i can buy… i normally come out with chocolate. Hence why im sat patiently waiting in the car today. 

I’m not sure what this feeling is. 

My life is great! Big boast. 

But there is something that seems a little off. At the moment i put it down to where I’m  living. I am no way in hell complaing about the free rent, or the sound of the waves sending me to sleep each night. 

It’s the feeling of being unsettled in someone elses house. For Gemma its ok as its her family beach batch, there’s memories there for her, where as for me its just a place we can’t make a home. My bedroom is just a room, no pictures, nothing out to make it mine. And that makes me sad. 

I know that this is temporary, this feeling is temporary. 

On a brighter note… here’s me with Prince

Have a great weekend



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